How it works!
Choose price model

Select your price model according to your individual wishes. STANDARD for small projects (short films, advertising etc.) and a short archiving time. MEDIUM for medium-sized projects (master, DCPs, different versions etc.) and LARGE for a large volume of data (entire film projects, raw camera data, etc.)

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Copy data

Once your order is completed, we will send you a hard drive directly to your home. On this disk you copy all your data and send it back to us.

(* If you choose LARGE, we store directly from your own hard drive!)

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Enjoy security

Now you do not need to do anything else. Your data is safe with us! We provide a handy CATALOGUE VIEW including a search function. So you always have an overview of your files and folders.

Your Catalogue

Get an overview of your files and folders from anywhere and at any time thanks to our catalog view including search function!

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