Dec 2020

Welcome our new member!

We are happy to welcome our new member MPS Sonnenstudio Köln GmbH!

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Nov 2020

Welcome our new member!

We are happy to welcome our new member 2Pilots Filmproduction!

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Jun 2017

Personalized screener links

We've added a function that allows you to send screener links to a list of recipients. That way, you can now share your screener with multiple recipients or groups of recipients separately, allowing you to add or delete access on a per-share basis. You can even see how often an access code was visited.

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Jul 2016

KDM Generator online

Since today the KDM generator is online, so now you can produce KDMs at any time - day or night! Create KDMs in a few clicks for your encrypted film - whether for a particular cinema server or an entire movie theater at once. A database of over 100,000 server certificates, which is constantly updated, operates in the background. During the launch period you can try the KDM generator for free!

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Jan 2016

Berlinale 2016

Ute and Jörg from Studio Mitte Berlin allow us a small meet and greet at the Berlinale on February 15, 2016. There we will present our current product portfolio for producers and distributors (Film Archive, Filmportal, KDM Generator, WebDailies ) and provide insights into new developments. We look forward to an inspiring exchange of ideas! We are pleased to welcome you on February 15, 2016 from 13h to 17h at Studio Mitte Berlin (Saarbrücker Str. 19)!

Oct 2015

Prototype Film Archive

The prototype of our film archive is ready. Several programmers work on the implementing of our archive function.

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Mai 2015

Funding for KDM generator completed

It was a lot of work and a lot of research. Now we have gathered a database of over 100,000 server certificates. By means of the KDM generator we can create Key Delivery Messages for encrypted DCPs for all these cinema servers.

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Apr 2015

Our KDM generator is working already!

"PK" by Rapid Eye Movies was the first encrypted movie that was delivered to the German cinemas. The KDM delivery was impeccable and without difficulty.

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Help to improve the naming convention!

Our naming convention is online and we want to invite you to participate and give us feedback. Just visit our page and comment the folder structure. We invite you to an open discussion, so you have the opportunity to help shape the kinofreund naming convention.

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Dec 2014

No more chaos - kinofreund shipping box

The kinofreund shipping box makes the organisation of your DCPs always clear and structured. Whether hard drive, Blu-Ray or Cru Data, in the kinofreund shipping box you can send all sizes easily. Due to its compact form, the kinofreund shipping box is stackable and space-saving. It is universal, environmentally friendly, lightweight, mostly recyclable and made in Germany.

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Oct 2014

Digital Transforming Award 2014

kinofreund participated in the Digital Transforming Award 2014 and got through to the final. The Digital Transformation Award was launched by neuland and Wirtschaftswoche, sponsored by T -Systems and Strategy&. More than 100 companies, organizations and authorities took part in the competition. Neuland has interviewed the top 50. View our project and transformation report: kinofreund Projekt- und Transformationsprofil. The report illustrates the success factors and pitfalls for the digital transformation.

Oct 2014

What's next?

Since we started in 2013, we have been working on projects that facilitate the work of our fellow colleagues and clients. We began by developing a trailer download platform for managing and distributing movie trailers and press materials. We went on to initiate DCP disk distribution to cinemas, thereby creating a convenient online tool for instructing and supervising distribution. The next step was to provide a DCP naming generator based on the "Digital Cinema Naming Convention". The DCP naming generator makes the file names of digital cinema copies readable. This not only facilitates the work of projectionists in theaters but also makes life easier for those working in post-production and distribution.

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