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The use of the website www.kinofreund.com is subject to the current terms of use concluded between you and us, the kinofreund eG.


If you register at kinofreund.com or use our online services, you acknowledge the terms of use. Through the further development of our services, the terms of use may change at any time. The current terms of use can be viewed at kinofreund.com. We accept differing terms of use only after a written confirmation by us. If you are not satisfied with our terms of use you may not use this website and our services.


We provide kinofreund.com and our other online services "as available." In complex systems unfortunately errors may sneak in which might disrupt or restrict the use of the website and services. Despite careful verification in terms of content and security, we can offer no guarantee for the on kinofreund.com provided material. Also for links to third party websites we assume no liability.

Data privacy

Your data transmitted to us will not be passed on to third parties (unless a judicial arrangement demands it of us). In addition to your manually submitted data, for example from online forms, your web browser automatically transmits more data such as your IP address to us.

Additional terms for the kinofreund Filmportal:

The kinofreund Filmportal offers you as a film distributor the opportunity to provide your movie trailers online for download. As a cinema operator or projectionist it enables you to download a variety of trailer DCPs from one place in order to screen them in your cinema. In addition to the DCP also other information and trailers in the web video format H.246 can be downloaded.

The offers of the Filmportal may only be used by film distributors and cinema operators. For individuals or other movie lovers unfortunately the access is prohibited. After registering, your details will be checked by us and your account will be activated. To use the Filmportal after registration, you must enter your user data truthfully and you should always keep them up to date. A claim for successful registration does not exist..

All material which we provide about the Filmportal (DCPs, web videos, film information, etc.) is subject to copyright. It may be used only from film distributors and cinema operators with kinofreund.com access for advertising purposes. In addition, any use, processing or utilization requires always the prior written consent of or the respective copyright holder(s). If you as a user upload or provide data in the kinofreund Filmportal, the rights of third parties may not be violated (copyright, personal rights, etc.). We reserve the right to delete all the data at any time, particularly where rights of third parties are violated.

Producers, distributors and other rights holders or companies acting in their name are allowed to view download statistics of their media files (e.g. downloads of trailer DCP). These statistics include access date and time as well as information about the viewer (e.g. theatre name).

By using our online services, you agree to making information about your theatre publicly available. This may include but is not limited to theatre address, FFA-ID, information on digital exhibition hardware..

The Filmportal is not a backup service. Please make sure you always have an own copy of the data that you upload or provide at the kinofreund Filmportal. In the event of malfunctions of the kinofreund Filmportal in the worst case data could be lost permanantly.

Last revised on 2016-09-16

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